About Myofunction Remedial & Sports Therapy

Myofunction Remedial & Sports Therapy is proud to work with the Brisbane Sports & Exercise Medicine Specialists clinic. Myofunction Remedial & Sports Therapy is operated by Matthew Kaloutsis that offers a PREMIUM service in Remedial & Sports Therapy to improve your physical health and mobility.


Top location WITH parking.

Our Riding Rd practice in Hawthorne designated (free!) parks. As a plus, we are also surrounded by some of Brisbane’s best shops, cafes and restaurants.

Our Prehab Approach:

Our passion and expertise of remedial and sports therapy over the years has helped a vast number of patients with their muscular dysfunctions including poor posture, soft tissue injuries and aches and pains.

Myofunction Remedial & Sports Therapy’s initial consultation with you is, most importantly, where they can identify the underlying source of your pain. During our follow-up sessions they will take you through range of movement exercises to gauge your progress and select appropriate techniques to address your needs. Through guided exercises and knowledge sharing they will equip you with the confidence and ability to maintain your mobility at home and in the sustained future.

All of this encapsulates Myofunction Remedial & Sports Therapy’s prehab approach to its patients.

“Prehab is a proactive approach to avoiding pain and injury. You’ll build strength and stability around your most vulnerable areas, while improving mobility, balance and joint function to decrease the potential for injuries”–coreperformance.com Book Now