Saxon Brown

About Saxon Brown

Clinical Myotherapist

Having completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Myotherapy. Saxon uses a patient-centred, evidence-based healthcare approach that focuses on the assessment, treatment, management & prevention of acute or chronic musculoskeletal dysfunction, injury and disease involving the body’s muscles, nerves and joints.
He takes an active approach when treating, focusing on the needs and goals of his individual clients. He endeavours to discover the root cause of presenting pain, postural dysfunction and changed functional biomechanics through assessment & testing, to incorporate a tailored treatment experience with long-term client goals in mind. He believes in the importance of clients understanding the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of their presenting condition and symptomatic pain as a vital part of healthy recovery and aims to integrate education into his assessment, treatments and rehabilitation. He values self-accountability and encourages his clients to employ their own additional active approach in their health and recovery journey.

Special interests include Dry Needling, treating nerve pain & musculoskeletal injuries such as ‘Text Neck’ syndrome."

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