I can’t recommend Matt’s services highly enough. After a painful injury forced me to stop running last year his treatment has helped me avoid injury this year and also left me feeling stronger. What’s different about Matt is that he’s also focused on giving you tools to help yourself between appointments. I really appreciate this approach. Plus, I love that he’s available when I am, rather than just offering appointments in office hours. When you work full-time, having access to out-of-hours appointments really helps.

– Christen Hill Bulimba –


As a personal trainer and avid runner, my muscles are regularly overworked and tense which affects my posture and general movement. I first contacted Matthew Kaloutsis due to his specialization in sports massage for a hip flexor / glute issue in 2015. He was very thorough in his treatment process, working specifically on the identified problem until it was resolved. Another muscular issue arose in 2016 whereby Matt’s services were again engaged with again, brilliant results. Since the second issue Matt has treated me on a regular basis to ease muscle tension/pain and correct my posture, he is always professional, friendly, methodical and has a great knowledge of the body and its functionality. I highly recommend Matt and his business Myofunction for anyone looking for a professional, experienced therapist as I have done with my own clients who also regularly utilise his services.

Kind regards,

– Suanne Lowery –


Myofunction has guided me to an almost full recovery from my sporting injuries, enabling me to reach maximum performance within the 2017 Australian Under 18’s Hockey Championships. Without Matthew Kaloutsis’s knowledge and guidance, I would not be able to continue to compete at such a completive level at which I am competing at today.

I have been so impressed with the outcomes of my sessions that I have experience in the last few months, that I have now recommended Matt’s services onto two of my closest friends for their own injury prevention management.

Thank you, Myofunction for your ongoing support. It means so much to me and my family.

– Kirra Smith –


Game Changer!

My experience with Matthew in the past 4 weeks has been exceptional. I am in my mid 20’s and I have been working in an office environment for the past six years. Constantly sitting all day has deteriorated my posture and stabilising muscles. Being a lover of weight lifting, this was causing havoc with my ability to lift with any type of form and safety. Through 4 sessions with Matt I feel a sense of stability and muscle connection that I have not felt in a very long time. Matt worked through releasing the afflicted areas of my body through pressure point techniques. Providing valuable knowledge throughout the sessions to ensure I was well aware of the issues and how to combat them myself outside of his care.

I would highly recommend anyone who works in an office environment or enjoys physical activity and feels congested to give Matt a call. It wasn’t until I felt the pressure release throughout my body and my posture open up that I realised how much I needed his assistance and knowledge. He is also a great guy and engages easily in conversation.

– Andrew –